We vinify each plot separately, then in January,
we assemble the grape varieties to obtain a regular quality...

Valmy and Philippe Bernède have inherited their know-how from six generations of winegrowers.
The average age of the vineyard of 25 years, the pruning of the Guyot simple with 7 eyes and a severe épamprage* lead us to low average yields of 45 hectolitres per hectare.

* épamprage :to remove dead leaves and small secondary branches growing on the the wine stocks.





Traditionally, the grapes are destemmed and, as required for a good wine to keep, the fermentation is conducted at 28° with a vatting period of 15 to 18 days.

Each plot is vinified separately; this produces carefully selected wines before blending at the beginning of January which will give a regular quality to each vintage.



After the cold winter, the wine will be put in the wood for many months. There, the tannins will refine, become silky and produce an expansive bouquet, bursting with finesse.

Thus, Clos La Coutale remains at the highest level every year.


The revolutionary Coutale universal “pigeur” adapts to all tanks.

Created by Philippe Bernède, inventor of the famous Coutale corkscrew, the Coutale “pigeur” solves a large majority of the disadvantages of traditional “pigeur”. (A “pigeur” is then the device placed on the tank that allows the top layer to be stirred, see the following video) N.T.

Lightweight, handy and easy to install, it adapts to all tank shapes and allows deep punching down at a fraction of the cost.


How does it work?

Under the effect of alcoholic fermentation into red wine; everyone knows that the marc cap is compacted and floats on the surface of the tank. It is estimated that only 20% of it is in direct contact with grape must.

Only a mechanical action can destructure the solid part in the tank.

With regular punching down, 80% of the grape skins are in direct contact and immersed in the wine.

All studies on punching down show that this technique allows the production of richer and more structured wines; with a significant increase in fat, roundness and volume, something that every winegrower is looking for.

Thanks to a pneumatic cylinder and variable adjustment arms, the Coutale “pigeur’” unit makes it possible to destructure 100% of the volume of a tank in a few minutes.

Discover how it works on the video







Thanks to its patented system, the Coutale “pigeur” is the only “pigeur” in the world capable of adapting to all kinds of tanks.
It weighs only 45 kg
A 50 cm opening is sufficient for its installation in the tank.
It can be used in tanks up to 3 metres in diameter..
Its pneumatic cylinder allows to pick 100% of a 1.20 thick marc cap.
8 bar air pressure is sufficient for its proper operation
It is guaranteed for 3 years and requires no maintenance..





Clos la coutale (Cahors)
Château Croze de Pys (Cahors)
Château d'Agassac (Médoc)
Château Lacombe (Margaux)
Château Couhins (Pessac Léognan)





Mr. Favereau, Quality Manager of Nicolas stores, tasted:  

Wine from vats where the “pigeur” was not used:
"Nose rather reduced, then malic, bitter, slightly hollow, alcoholic, biting acidity, supple tannins, fluid."

The same wine from the vat where the “pigeur” was used 4 times during fermentation
"Purple colour, clear, fruity nose, blackcurrant red, peony, mentholated, ethanal hint then robust and full, fat, sweetness, character, nervous, firm, tight tannins, coated, from the bottom.
Huge positive gap."